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Arlington National Cemetery is one of the most revered burial sites in the country. These consecrated grounds where once the estate of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. Federal troops crossed the Potomac River and occupied the property when Virginia seceded from the Union. As Union casualties mounted in the Washington D.C. area, the military needed a suitable burial site. Quartermaster General Montgomery Meigs suggested using the grounds of Arlington estate. His desire was to make the property uninhabitable, thereby preventing the Lee family from returning to the home. The federal government confiscated the land in 1864. Private William Christman from Pennsylvania was the first soldier to be buried here. As the war continued, the Union interred more soldiers. Some were buried near Mrs. Lee’s Colonial style rose garden. The land was also used as a settlement for freed slaves. The Supreme Court subsequently ruled that the seizure was unlawful. General Lee’s son Custis sold the land to the U.S. government so that it could remain a cemetery.

Over the years, large crowds assembled for Memorial Day ceremonies. In 1874, the government constructed an amphitheater to accommodate the throng of visitors. The current Memorial Amphitheater replaced the original structure in 1920. The amphitheater is the location of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. This monument to America’s unidentified war dead was erected in 1921. The cemetery is the honored resting place of numerous well-known individuals, including Audie Murphy, President John F. Kennedy, whose grave is lit by an eternal flame, and Senators Robert and Edward Kennedy. Several astronauts who perished in the Challenger and Columbia accidents were also laid to rest here. Each year, the cemetery receives over four million visitors.

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