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Asheville Self Guided Walking Tour
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Asheville is a picturesque community situated between the Blue Ridge and Great Smokey Mountains. Rising from the mist, this remarkable destination is well known for its panoramic vistas and cosmopolitan ambiance. Guests can immerse themselves in the breathtaking natural surroundings on the extensive hiking and biking trails. View waterfalls and raging rivers as well as the forests that support one of the most biodiverse ecosystems in the world. Visitors can experience numerous outdoor activities, such as zip line canopy and whitewater rafting tours. Other popular activities include stargazing and observing wildlife at the WNC Nature Center.

Easily walkable, Asheville is filled with a variety of cultural attractions. Visitors can step back in time to experience America’s Gilded Age while touring the Biltmore Estate, the largest private residence in the country. Explore the boyhood home of acclaimed author Thomas Wolfe as well as the Art Deco, Beaux Arts, Neoclassical and Arts and Crafts Style architectural gems dispersed throughout the city. In addition to trendy boutiques, the downtown is filled with unique galleries and studios that highlight the work of hundreds of artists who call Asheville home. Foodies can enjoy local delicacies like barbecue and hush puppies as well as various ethnic cuisines. From coffee shops and wine bars to local playhouses and live music venues, Asheville boasts a thriving, vibrant nightlife. A diverse mix of spas continues the area’s heritage as a health and wellness destination that dates back to the discovery of hot springs in 1700s.

With a wide range of outdoor and cultural activities, Asheville is continually ranked as one of the best places to visit in the country whether for a quick romantic getaway or an extended family vacation.

Are you planning to visit Asheville? Let City Walking Guide show you the way and at your own pace! Our self-guided Asheville walking tour tells you the history, stories, legend, lore and facts about the major, must see and lesser known points of interest. Our self-guided walking tour is the most affordable way to see Asheville. Download and tour Asheville today! Each self-guided Asheville walking tour has a free corresponding map that shows you exactly where the point of interest is located. 

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