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City Tavern Club

Located at the intersection of Wisconsin Avenue and M Street right in the heart of Georgetown, the City Tavern Club has been considered a cultural hub in the city since long. Originally set up in 1796, the City Tavern served the purpose of an inn as well as a center of city’s cultural activities. However, it was not exactly meant for commoners; rather was visited frequently by personages like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

Throughout the 1900s, the City Tavern’s ownership kept changing, which also changed its names many times, but it wasn't until 1898 that it got converted into a retail store. Within a few years, the historic building was crumbling and decaying, and the city administration scheduled it for demolition. However, a few local citizens protested to restore the old building since it was a landmark of old D.C.

As a private social club, City Tavern revived in 1962 and it continues its traditions to this day. It is home to many social and political elites of Washington, and hosts private events like rehearsal dinners, weddings and corporate events. It works with the mission to preserve the historical value associated with this Federal period building that belonged to Washington D.C. of old times.

3206 M St NW
Washington , DC