Federal Hall

Federal Hall, located on Wall Street, has a rich history and is truly esteemed by New Yorkers and visitors alike. The site signifies the inauguration of George Washington as president in 1789 when the first US Congress met. After the Greek Parthenon, a dedicated building was constructed on this site in 1842, which now stands as a memorial to commemorate the founding democratic principles of the nation.

The famous designer Pierre L’Enfant renovated New York City Hall, after which it started functioning as U.S. Customs House. During 1842 to 1920, it functioned as the Sub-Treasury, which retained silver and gold in its basements vaults. Today, it is known as one of the most significant icons of the New York City due to its rich history and bureaucratic value.

Federal Hall is situated right across the New York Stock Exchange, and provides an opportunity to all the visitors who want to learn about the history of first Congress and New York in the times of George Washington. Outside the hall, visitors get to see the piece of stone balcony on which George Washington stood upon being sworn into the office. The bible, which was used on the inauguration day, is also placed on the display.

Inside the hall, visitors find Washington Inaugural Gallery and Museum Store. Visitors are welcomed to enjoy the gallery whenever they want, or join any of the free ranger-led tours.


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