Museum of American Finance

One of the few museums in the world dedicated to the history of finance and capitalism, the Museum of American Finance is both unique and fascinating. With the world’s financial markets and global economy impacting our lives like never before, there’s no better place to learn about them but the Museum of American Finance. Interesting and very educational, this museum will help visitors appreciate the world of finance and the free market more, and also educate them about their own financial wellbeing.

The Museum of American Finance is located at 48 Wall Street in the heart of New York City’s bustling Financial District. This cultural institution and historical center displays the history of Wall Street and the U.S. financial markets, from the advent of money to the current credit crisis. With a wealth of exhibits on banking, entrepreneurship and the birth of the United States Treasury, the Museum of American Finance covers a wide and fascinating range of history. In addition to its interesting permanent and temporary exhibits, the museum’s core mission involves public education and the promotion of financial literacy in the modern world.

A great place to learn about economic history, as well as improve your financial life, the Museum of American Finance is a must-see attraction in Lower Manhattan and one of New York City’s top educational museums.


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