National September 11 Memorial

A decade after the catastrophic events of September 11, the National September 11 Memorial has been established on the site of World Trade Center in Manhattan. The Memorial, as the name depicts, has been created for honoring the victims who sacrificed their lives in the appalling September 11 attacks, the memories of which still haven't faded away. In addition to the memorial, a museum is under construction too, which will be opened on September 2012.

The famous architect Michael Arad has designed the September 11 Memorial, while the landscaping has been done by Peter Walker. There are twin-reflecting pools, which highlight 2,983 names of the individuals who passed away in the terrorist attacks in NYC, Shaksville and around Pentagon.

Visitors are recommended to arrive at the entrance for paying their respects as close to their ticketed time as they can. It isn’t necessary to arrive earlier, since tickets are issued every 15 minutes so there are no large crowds. Additionally, visitors can stay at the memorial for as long as they want, without any time restrictions. For finding a specific name, visitors can use the two digital directories available on site.

September 11 events were most certainly one of the biggest tragedies ever happened in the history of mankind. When visiting the New York City, one must take out the time to pay respects for those who gave their lives, and left behind millions of mourners around the world.


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