New Museum

The New Museum is the only exhibition facility in New York City that concentrates on the wide range of contemporary art being produced all over the world. In addition to its surveys of the most important figures in international art today, it also maintains a Digital Archive of images and other materials and a searchable artist database.

Visitors with an interest in architecture may already know that New York City's New Museum's innovative 2007 building, located at 246 Bowery, is one of Conde Nast Traveler's Seven Wonders of Architecture. The stack of offset boxes around a central core allows skylights to illuminate the open, fluid space within. Clad in aluminum mesh, the building's exterior blends well with its Lower East Side surroundings while emphasizing the facility's character as a showplace for the most up-to-date artistic expressions from the world community.

The New Museum's G:Class is a pioneering program aimed at engaging at-risk students in contemporary art. By integrating contemporary art with high school curriculum in the fields of language arts, social studies and studio art, the program's interdisciplinary and multicultural approach helps students to explore the relationship between the practices of today's artists and the broader issues of contemporary culture and society.

Interesting Fact For Kids: The New Museum was one of the first to launch a program to educate at-risk teens with its High School Art Program (HSAP) in 1980.


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