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President's Park and White House Area Self Guided Walking Tour
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President’s Park is an 82-acre expanse that Pierre Charles L’Enfant selected as the location for the executive mansion in his original plans for Washington, D.C. The majestic setting has three main sections. The middle section includes the White House and its world-renowned Rose Garden, North and South lawns and Jacqueline Kennedy Garden.

The northern section of the park is Lafayette Square. The southern section is commonly known as the Ellipse. Lafayette Square was designed as a large front lawn for the White House. Thomas Jefferson felt that the lawn was too big, so he allowed Pennsylvania Avenue to extend across the park and create the two sections. President’s Park has lush green open spaces, manicured flowerbeds, towering leafy trees and curved walkways. Visitors to President’s Park will see Beaux Arts, Neoclassical, Gardenesque and Picturesque horticultural design styles.

The boundaries of L’Enfant’s original design are relatively intact. In the 19th century, horticulturalist Andrew Jackson Downing had an instrumental role in the renovations of the Ellipse and Lafayette Square. His designs are still evident in the landscape features. These public spaces are the backdrop for captivating monuments, memorials, commemorative statues, fountains and gardens. The Ellipse is the location of the National Christmas Tree. Lafayette Square is home to the nation’s first equestrian statue. The 1850 monument depicts Andrew Jackson at the Battle of New Orleans. While President’s Park retains its boundaries, the layout has changed with the addition or relocation of various monuments.

Over the years, the park has served as a military encampment, a corral for livestock and as a slave market. Today, the area is a highly regarded National Park with priceless National Historic Places and Landmarks.

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