Franklin Square

The impressive growth that occurred in Savannah in the late 18th century led to the creation of several new wards such as Franklin Ward. Franklin Square serves as the centerpiece of this ward.

Located on Montgomery Street between Bryan and Congress Streets, Franklin Square honors founding father Benjamin Franklin. Franklin served as the region's representative in England prior to the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

Franklin Square contained the city's water tower for several years, leading locals to sometimes refer to the square as Water Tower Square.

Destroyed in 1935 to make way for development, the area was thought lost until preservation efforts restored Franklin Square to its original glory in the 1980s. These restoration efforts were part of the city's 250th anniversary celebration. The city created a memorial in the square to honor volunteers who fought in the Siege of Savannah.

The oldest Christian church in the country predominantly attended by blacks stands on Montgomery Street. The First African Baptist Church first opened in 1788.