Greene Square

Visitors to Savannah will find Greene Ward and Greene Square situated along Houston Street. Green Square is actually one of three squares that intersect Houston Street. This is the result of Houston Street terminating at Liberty Street rather than extending into southern Savannah.

Many of the squares and streets built after the Revolutionary War were named for patriotic subjects and heroes of the war. For instance, Green Square takes its name from Nathanel Greene, a Revolutionary War hero. After he was presented with Mulberry Plantation by the state of Georgia, he and his family relocated from their home in New England to Savannah. Unfortunately, he soon perished from heat stroke, leaving his wife, Mary, and three children.

Located at 124 Houston Street in Greene Square is a home constructed by Isaiah Davenport, a well-known builder in the area during his time. Very little of his work has survived to present day.

Greene Square is also home to a number of other structures that are of historical significance to the city of Savannah. This includes the property located at 536 East State Street. This home was built in 1845 for John Dorsett. Originally, the home was situated on Hull Street, but was later relocated to its present location in an effort to save it.

One of the earliest paired houses in Savannah is believed to be located at 117-119 Houston Street. When a girl’s orphanage in Bethesda could no longer be used, the home on Houston Street was used as a substitute for a time. The orphanage moved into the home in 1810, the same year it was built, and continued to reside there until 1838, at which time they relocated into a new facility on Bull Street.

The church visitors will now see at 123 Houston Street is actually a replacement for an earlier church that was constructed in 1802. The modern Second African Baptist Church was built in 1925.

Savannah is home to a vibrant history of free African-Americans. One of the most notable of those families was the DeVeauxes. Several generations of this family played an important role in the history of Savannah. Jane DeVeaux established a school in secret for the purpose of teaching African-Americans to read and write at a time when it was illegal to do so.

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