Washington Square

Often described as one of the most beautiful settings in Savannah's historic district, Washington Square is a small, serene area that demonstrates the unique charm of this Southern city.

Washington Square was laid out in 1790 in order to honor the visiting George Washington, the first President of the United States. Washington also served as a Revolutionary War general.

The square, now located on Houston Street between Bryan and Congress Streets, offers a unique look at the agricultural aspects of Savannah. Originally, Washington Square contained the Trustees' Garden, which served as a testing ground for experimental crops in the late 1700s and early 1800s. These crops included indigo and mulberry.

Washington Square now sits near one of the original boundaries of the city. As such, many unusual historic homes grace the square. The owners of these homes continue to maintain the grounds of the square, ensuring that its beauty remains intact for all visitors. Almost every home in this area has some sort of historical significance, such as The Pirates House, located on nearby Broad Square. This home was known to shelter pirates in the 1700s. Currently, it contains one of the area's best restaurants.

In the last few decades, Washington Square has been rebuilt to correct more than a century of wear and neglect, making it the perfect backdrop to view the two-story Carpenter-Italianate style homes that sit along East Bryan Street. This style represents the true look of homes in this area in the late 19th century, with low stoops and lack of basements.

Washington Square has become a refuge for several other historic homes. A Georgian-style home once located on East Bryan Street has moved to this area, along with a home on Houston Street that was moved from Troup Ward to avoid demolition.

Another highlight of this area in a home on Price Street that features a double gallery, a design feature unique to the historic homes of the city.

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