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Jefferson Memorial

Amidst a setting of cherry blossom trees, the Jefferson Memorial is perhaps the most controversial and beloved monument in Washington D.C. Constructed from 1939 to 1943, the neo-classic structure consists of a portico with a low dome, spherical marble steps and a colonnade.

The memorial features an open design that evokes images of the Rotunda that Jefferson created for the University of Virginia. Franklin Roosevelt dedicated the memorial on the bicentennial of Jefferson’s birth. The statue inside the memorial is by Rudolph Evans. A plaster model, painted to resemble bronze, adorned the spot during World War II due to material shortages. The actual bronze figure was added in 1947. The inscriptions on the interior walls are passages from the Declaration of Independence and other well-known works by Jefferson.

As John Russell Pope’s architectural firm erected the monument on the banks of the Tidal Basin, critics assailed the architects for using ancient Roman and Greek elements in a modern structure. Others opposed the structure because it wasn’t part of the District’s original layout, required the removal of mature trees and some of Jefferson’s quotes are inaccurate. A 2007 survey of the public and professional architects ranked the monument in the top five of America’s Favorite Architecture. Because of its location, the Jefferson Memorial is the setting for the annual Cherry Blossom Festival, Easter Sunrise Services and other significant events.

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