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John Ericsson National Memorial

The John Ericsson National Memorial commemorates the creative genius of a Swedish-born visionary. The mechanical engineer changed the course of naval history and propulsion when he invented the stern-mounted, screw propeller. He also envisioned and designed the U.S.S. Monitor.

The Union warship fought the first all-ironclad battle in history when she engaged the C.S.S. Virginia off Hampton Roads in 1862. The Virginia was attempting to shatter the Union blockade of Norfolk. Although the engagement was a stalemate, the Monitor prevented the Virginia from sinking the Union’s wooden warships. The tactical maneuver ensured the success of the blockade. The Monitor was also the first naval vessel to use a revolving turret in combat. This innovative feature is a crucial element on every modern warship.

Designed by Albert Ross and sculpted by James Earle Fraser, the monument features a statue of Ericsson seated in front of three standing figures. They personify adventure, labor and vision. The figures stand back-to-back against a Norse Tree of Life. The base of the memorial is 150 feet in diameter and represents a compass. The pink granite, 20-foot tall monument is located near Independence Avenue, SW and Ohio Drive, approximately 1,000 feet south of the Lincoln Memorial in West Potomac Park.

It was dedicated in May 1926. Dignitaries attending the ceremony included President Calvin Coolidge and Swedish Crown Prince Gustav.

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